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This page showcases computer software that I've written.

You can check out the open-source projects I've created or worked on at my GitHub user page.

For the Web

  • miniProxy (formerly PageForward), a proxy browsing program written in PHP that lets the user view websites through a 'proxy server' (the server the script is running on.) miniProxy uses cURL to remotely fetch pages and then displays them on the user's screen. This makes it an ideal tool to bypass internet content filters at work or school, or to just browse anonymously.

  • Callook, a web application that allows amateur radio operators to search through the FCC's database of United States callsigns.

  • Twable, a web application that allows Twitter users to easily see how fellow users are connected to them.

  • Oplop (and companion Google Gadget), a password generator. Based on the official implementation.

  • WebCard, a web application that allows one to showcase their Internet persona. WebCard produces an HTML/JavaScript widget containing one's web contact information, as well as buttons to view one's profiles/areas on other web sites.

  • FTPStatus, a simple program written in PHP that allows its user to check the status or availability of an FTP server. The program can either be run directly or called manually by supplying values for the variables 'name', 'serverip', and 'port' when calling the script. The source code for FTPStatus is available.

For the Desktop

  • pyotograph, a program that reflects local filesystem changes on a remote system in real time, automatically.

  • linode_dyndns, a dynamic DNS updater for Linode-hosted DNS.

  • growlpeat, a Growl repeater. Listens for Growl notifications and re-broadcasts them to a list of Growl clients.

  • Irssi for Windows, a packaged version of the open source Irssi IRC client for Windows, with built-in Perl scripting support. It was compiled under Cygwin. I put this package together because I could not find recent Windows versions of Irssi anywhere else. It is based on Nei's Irssi-win32-0.8.10 package. The Irssi project maintains a Subversion repository for the official Windows installer.

  • jMediaCat, a simple audio file catloging/database application (similar to iTunes Library or Winamp Media Library,) written in Java.

Application Plugins


  • Wordsmear, a simple program written in JavaScript to explore an interesting language phenomenon.

  • CaesarBox, a simple cipher program written in Java.