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Tabclip: A Web Browser Extension

Copy browser tabs to (and create browser tabs from) your clipboard.

A few days ago, I released a new web browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome/Vivaldi called tabclip that allows you to copy browser tabs to (or create them from) your clipboard.

Tabclip Screenshot

The “Copy” button (and associated options) copy tab URLs to your clipboard.

The “Paste” button attempts to find all URLs that appear in your clipboard, then opens each URL in a new browser tab.

That’s it!

Tabclip is heavily inspired by Vincent Paré’s “Copy All Urls” Chrome extension. I created tabclip because I wanted a similar extension that looked and worked the same in both Chrome and Firefox. Tabclip was written from scratch and shares no code with the “Copy All Urls” Chrome extension.

You can get tabclip for Firefox here and for Chrome/Vivaldi here. Tabclip’s source code is available at its GitHub page.

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