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A Virtual Team Room in Wonderland (WPI MQP)

An academic paper explaining the process of creating components for Sun Microsystems' Project Wonderland (my WPI MQP).

To fulfill the Major Qualifying Project (MQP) requirement at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, I worked on a project at WPI’s Sun Microsystems Project Center with fellow undergraduate student Gerard Dwan.

Starting in late August of 2008, we worked full time at Sun Microsystems’ Burlington, MA campus for 7 weeks on components for Sun Labs’ Project Wonderland (now called Open Wonderland). After completing our work at Sun, we wrote a paper about our results and experiences. The paper is titled “A Virtual Team Room in Wonderland”.

A PDF version of the paper is available, and you can find more information about the paper at the WPI Gordon Library Electronic Projects Collection web site.

More information about the Project Wonderland components we created is available at my web site.

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