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Just did a major cleanup of my "micropub for static sites" tool, microstat. Includes new configuration options for tags, for better Hugo support!


Finally cleaned this up enough to push it to GitHub. Microstat - A self-hosted Micropub endpoint for statically-generated microblogs. 📝⚡️Post to your static microblog with Quill!

@rosemaryorchard Thanks for the reminder that supports crossposting! I somehow never got around to enabling it before now, but now posts to my self-hosted microblog will also show up on, Twitter, and Mastodon. Awesome!


Testing some Micropub-based automation. Nothing to see here. 🚧

@khurt Completely agree, but I hope these are really just growing pains with new applications of new standards. Making something deeply customizable also makes it deeply complicated, but perhaps after enough time passes, there will be out-of-the-box apps with sensible defaults for all of this stuff.

I don't understand how WebMentions are supposed to work between two self-hosted microblogs that are integrated with If I want to reply to a self-hosted post appearing on, do I send a WebMention to the conversation, the self-hosted post, or both?

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