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All posts I've written are listed below in reverse chronological order.

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Tabclip: A Web Browser Extension

Copy browser tabs to (and create browser tabs from) your clipboard.


My Git Prompt for Zsh, Revisited

An elegant, bird's-eye view of your Git repositories.

Controlling Whitespace and Empty Lines in Jekyll

Jekyll-generated code can be pretty, too.

Understanding iOS Universal Links

When "Open In App" stubbornly refuses to keep its promise.


An Event Apart Boston 2015

My notes from An Event Apart, "the design conference for people who make websites".

Send Browser Tabs from iOS to Mac with Workflow, Hazel and Dropbox

A somewhat complex solution to a simple problem.


An Event Apart Boston 2014

My notes from An Event Apart, "the design conference for people who make websites".

Configuring SSH and SCP/SFTP on DSM 5.0 for Synology DiskStations

Because geeky toys never work quite right out of the box.

Everyday Carry

What's in your pockets right now?

2013 Weather on the Mac Desktop

Because I could.

Making Git a Little Fuzzier

A command-line wrapper for Git that does fuzzy filename matching.

An Event Apart Boston 2013

My notes from An Event Apart, "the design conference for people who make websites".

Sleep Displays with Alfred v2

Because my keyboard doesn't have an eject key.


My Git Prompt for Zsh

Because <code>git status</code> isn't nearly as fun.

Rejecting False Binary Files in Git

When text files stay up past their bedtime.

Broken: Buying and Activating Windows 8

Things aren't always as they seem.

Programmatically Mounting Encrypted Disk Images in OS X

Because if it can be automated, it should be.

Yeoman in Theory

Thoughts about Yeoman, a new tool for web developers.

A Breath of Fresh Bluetooth

About my love/hate relationship with Bluetooth.

An Event Apart Boston 2012

My notes from An Event Apart, "the design conference for people who make websites".

SSH via iCloud

Easily SSH between Macs associated with your iCloud account.

Create New Files in Finder in OS X

Because finder STILL can't do that on its own.

Troubleshooting Apache in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

My experience fixing the built-in Apache installation after upgrading.

Elegant Password Generation with Oplop

Password security practices and the Oplop password generation algorithm.


Elegant E-Mail Address Obfuscation

User-friendly e-mail links that outsmart spam bots.


A Virtual Team Room in Wonderland (WPI MQP)

An academic paper explaining the process of creating components for Sun Microsystems' Project Wonderland (my WPI MQP).


Unblocking BitTorrent

How to make BitTorrent work despite your ISP's best efforts.

Copyright Law in the Digital Age (WPI IQP)

An academic paper about copyright law (my WPI IQP).


Setting up LightTPD with PHP, MySQL, and Perl on Windows 2000/XP

Seting up a LightTPD development server environment on Windows.


Unlocking the Power of WAP

How to use hidden settings on your cell phone to enable WAP browsing.

Ubuntu 5.04 Hoary Hedgehog Review

Review of the April, 2005 "Hoary Hedgeog" release of Ubuntu Linux.

Making a Film Canister Leyden Jar

Make some sparks using a film canister and other household objects.

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