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Listening to the album "Bytes" by Black Dog Productions for the first time. Can definitely see why it's famous – sounds very ahead of its time for 1993!

It seems like watchOS 10 removed the ability to pin arbitrary apps for quick access unless they have been updated specifically to work with the new “smart stack”, and the only recourse is “recently used”? Am I missing something?

My number one computing pet peeve is sessions and/or passwords that expire just slightly more frequently than the interval at which I try to use them. It's like catching a red light over and over again.

"Beatbox with historical speech":

TIL about zram in Linux: Enabling it appears to have tamed aggressive swapping on my (8 GB RAM) Raspberry Pi even though I typically only utilize ~2 GB RAM.

You've probably heard of the Pet Rock, but have you ever seen the entertaining instructions they came with?

Summer nights don’t sound quite right to me without the buzzing of katydids, but there are only crickets where I live. Going to miss hearing them either way now that summer is ending.

Eye Of The Tiger hits different with Béla Fleck’s banjo:

Had a Raspberry Pi 3B+ sitting unused in a box, so decided to integrate it into a Monome Norns Shield. Just got it up and running and starting to poke around. Anyone have any recommendations for must-try scripts (optionally including MIDI)?

There’s nothing quite like driving into a summer sunset with the windows down and music playing. Fleeting moments I wish I could make last longer.

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