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@eli Guessing you listened to the latest episode of ATP? 😇That's a pretty awesome story.

@khurt Completely agree, but I hope these are really just growing pains with new applications of new standards. Making something deeply customizable also makes it deeply complicated, but perhaps after enough time passes, there will be out-of-the-box apps with sensible defaults for all of this stuff.

@brentsimmons MailMate is absolutely best-in-class. This tweet says it best.

@cn 2nd test: Replying to your post using's Webmention endpoint, so it should show up on both of our blogs AND on if it works like I think it does. 🤞Thanks again for being a guinea pig.

Testing my Webmention code by replying to your post without involving, so it should show up on both of our blogs but not on Thanks for being a guinea pig. 😆

I don't understand how WebMentions are supposed to work between two self-hosted microblogs that are integrated with If I want to reply to a self-hosted post appearing on, do I send a WebMention to the conversation, the self-hosted post, or both?

Woah, it works! And there's only a small amount of duct tape and bubblegum holding it together.

This is my very first post using a self-hosted microblog. With any luck, this post will also appear on IndieWeb level up. 👊

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