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@brentsimmons MailMate is absolutely best-in-class. This tweet says it best.

@cn 2nd test: Replying to your post using's Webmention endpoint, so it should show up on both of our blogs AND on if it works like I think it does. 🤞Thanks again for being a guinea pig.

Testing my Webmention code by replying to your post without involving, so it should show up on both of our blogs but not on Thanks for being a guinea pig. 😆

I don't understand how WebMentions are supposed to work between two self-hosted microblogs that are integrated with If I want to reply to a self-hosted post appearing on, do I send a WebMention to the conversation, the self-hosted post, or both?

Woah, it works! And there's only a small amount of duct tape and bubblegum holding it together.

This is my very first post using a self-hosted microblog. With any luck, this post will also appear on IndieWeb level up. 👊

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