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I sure hope Apple didn’t singlehandedly kill the mobile weather app renaissance (for both iOS and Android!) by acquiring Dark Sky and announcing that its very popular API will be discontinued. I’m sure it’s hard for app developers to avoid vendor lock-in for weather APIs.

Just finished porting my web site,, from Jekyll to Hugo, and I believe I managed to not break its integration! Is this thing on?

So now reCAPTCHA selections slowly fade out and back in with new images, taking ~2 seconds per clicked image? Infuriating. How many seconds of human lives are wasted globally, daily, waiting for artificially-delayed reCAPTCHA images to fade in?

Not sure how I feel about Dream Theater's new album, "Distance Over Time", yet. I miss Portnoy-era Dream Theater.

I love when I happen upon what looks like the absolute best version of a product, no matter how mundane: Unicorn Pepper Mill

What Bluetooth headphones have let you down? I've used a few that, to my ears, sound excellent. Current daily driver is the AT ATH-M50xBT and they can still be used as traditional wired headphones.

Finally got all of the tools and materials to make a custom leather wallet, and after lots of watching YouTube tutorials and doing some careful designing and measuring, I realized 1) I'm a klutz that can't cut leather precisely and 2) my design isn't going to work. It's humbling.

Teenage Engineering is the Apple of music gear. Everything they release, even a barebones kit you have to do final assembly of yourself, looks super polished and modern, and sounds as good as it looks. PO Modular

Defeating ReCaptcha 2 by sending its accessibility audio prompts to a speech-to-text service is both ingenious and massively cheating. 🤣

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