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There are few things more satisfying than a tear-to-open package that actually tears perfectly straight across.

Check out's "Calculator Drawer", which lets you emulate a bunch of TI and HP graphing calculators right in your web browser:

Now, if only there was a way to load the games I used to swap with others in high school onto the TI-83…

Considering creating a Bandcamp artist account so I can eventually release some original music there. Should I release music under my own name, or should I come up with some music project name/alias that would hopefully not end up sounding conceited?

I keep hearing birds bash into our windows as they nibble at the holly bushes planted in front of them. Makes me flinch every time. No idea what kind of birds they are but they are henceforth called flinch finches.

If you use the excellent Mac/i[Pad]OS apps "MusicBox" and "Play" by Marcos Tanaka, I made a shortcut that can accept web pages/a list of URLs from the share sheet or clipboard, and add (queue) media to the correct app automatically:

Excited for the Steam release of Dwarf Fortress on Dec. 6th. Maybe the new in-game tutorials mean I'll finally figure out how to play it.

Fantastic quiz linked by - Who Said It: Elon Musk or Mr. Burns?

Wanted to re-share this relaxing, pensive modular synthesizer piece I made earlier this year in VCV Rack: It's generative, meaning that it's totally improvised by the synthesizer itself, given some starting constraints.

If you live in the US, don't forget to vote today!

I’m not scrambling to leave Twitter, but if you are exploring Alternative Social Platforms™, you can find me on both Microblog ( and Mastodon ( - I’ve been on both for quite a while now. Come say hi!

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