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All of the best Star Trek: TNG episodes are either about Worf or Data.

I wonder if Apple's new Studio Display supports connecting two Macs at once and automatically switching between them when one of the Macs wakes up? Does anyone know how the existing Pro Display XDR handles that?

A lovely video from @Veritasium from someone going very deep on, and speaking very passionately about… snowflakes:

Can't believe Apple took extra effort to remove the ability to disable Apple Music in the Music app in macOS Monterey. 😔 Now it just adds cruft to the sidebar and search results. Wish their services push wasn't so user-hostile.

Seemingly simple Safari 15 (i[Pad]OS/Mac) extension idea: Custom search engines, like all other major desktop browsers let you add. Anyone know if Safari's WebExtension implementation allows this/want to collaborate on an app that does this?

This is such a creative cover of "Thriler": Very tight playing. The whole album is excellent.

Docker Desktop is one of the very few apps I dread updating every time. "What features will they remove or paywall this time?"

I've never, ever, had a support call with Apple that didn't result in me getting transferred between three different agents, with the call completely disconnecting during the third transfer. Infuriating.

Is anyone testing out the private/ad-free/paid search engine? Haven't seen too much about it in the tech press. Liking what I'm seeing so far during the trial period, but not sure if it will be worth the asking price.

There’s nothing nearly as refreshing as the scent of the air after rainfall.

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