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Abstraction spanning at least three decades:

Great to see that Plan 9 lives on. It was way ahead of its time.

🦀 If you're impressed by CPUs built in Minecraft, here's an even more esoteric way to build a CPU in a pinch:

This is apparently well known in legal circles, but was new to me, and might be the best-named legal case ever:,000_Cardboard_Boxes_More_or_Less,_Each_Containing_One_Pair_of_Clacker_Balls

I'm curious if anyone enjoys using a tiling window manager with an ultrawide monitor? Seems like it would be an ideal combination, but in practice, for me, windows just end up being awkward sizes when tiled (usually way too narrow in a single direction.)

Just saw “There’s Something About Mary” for the first time, and it did not age well.

Bleeped some bloops tonight. First time connecting these together just to see if they would behave with each other. Will get the OP-Z more involved next time around, hopefully making for something a bit more interesting.

Neither of these words are being used how you’d expect.

Regardless of whose side you’re on, if today isn’t proof that the US's two-party system and federal government are fundamentally broken, I don’t know what is. One election race should not be able to dictate which direction our flawed system of party-line voting will swing.

A Christmas gift from Big Sur.

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