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The New York Times Magazine has an excellent profile of Weird Al Yankovic. Definitely worth reading.

Another microstat image testing post, please ignore this. 🚧

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Just added media support to microstat, which is how you're hopefully seeing an image attached to this post! 🙂

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons would be much more enjoyable for me if it had a feature to highlight the currently-focused ground tile. Especially since picking the wrong tile prematurely wears out your tools.

Just did a major cleanup of my "micropub for static sites" tool, microstat. Includes new configuration options for tags, for better Hugo support!

Coming soon to a socially-isolated streaming service near you, starring Ben Affleck and Mark Wahlberg.

I sure hope Apple didn’t singlehandedly kill the mobile weather app renaissance (for both iOS and Android!) by acquiring Dark Sky and announcing that its very popular API will be discontinued. I’m sure it’s hard for app developers to avoid vendor lock-in for weather APIs.

Just finished porting my web site,, from Jekyll to Hugo, and I believe I managed to not break its integration! Is this thing on?

So now reCAPTCHA selections slowly fade out and back in with new images, taking ~2 seconds per clicked image? Infuriating. How many seconds of human lives are wasted globally, daily, waiting for artificially-delayed reCAPTCHA images to fade in?

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